Mark Head Shot clean
I am a writer, pilot, speaker, artist, and evangelist.

If you are interested in my professional security achievements, blogs, or other InfoSec blatherings, please click on the InfoSec button!

My most recent achievement in the security world was crafting a security architecture that would integrate mobile, SOA, cloud, enterprise, and other emerging technology into a solution that would meet the multiple requirements imposed by business objectives, health care industry regulatory compliance and member satisfaction for a major heath care organization. Instead of being innovation hostile, this architecture embraces change.

I am a member of the ISSA and a Director at Large for the Silicon Valley Chapter of the ISSA.

When not being an InfoSec Geek, I can be found at Stockton airport where I keep my airplanes, office, and shop. For more details on my aviation exploits, please go here.

If that isn't enough, I love to write. I've been published in numerous publications including my own book. For the very interesting details, please check out my Author page here.

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