I've been a writer for a while with my most recent book being Endpoint Security published by Addison Wesley. You can find the book on Amazon here.

The first part of the book discusses why present security models fail and discusses the science behind the assertion. I propose that a closed-loop process control model can be the basis for a trustworthy, reliable, and fast security model. The second half of the book discusses some cookbook like things that can be done as a matter of best practices.

My present projects are:
Weaponizing Athlete's Foot
Taking Shoes Away for Your Protection
This is a humorous look at the TSA policies and actions and as told through stories of those that have suffered through walking barefoot through metal detectors and back scatter scanners. Each chapter's title is a play on the letter TSA. For example, chapter 1 is True Security Avoided...and it's off to the races after that! If you have a TSA or related travel story that you think would be humorous and of interest to others, please share them with me at

Endpoint Security II
Security Architecture, Data, and Infrastructure
This is a follow-on to Endpoint Security and I go into more depth regarding what a closed-loop security architecture would look like. With data protection, segmentation, compartmentalization, and above all, a methodology that makes processing the vast amounts of data plausible in a way that it becomes useful.

I am also writing a number of short science fiction stories and will publish them in the near future.