I have been flying for almost 20 years and received my instruction from the legendary Amelia Reid. I have a for passion formation flying and I am presently the president of the Reid-Hillview Airport Association. You can find the RHVAA here and on Facebook.

I own a 1946 GC-1B Globe Swift and even though she's almost 70 years old, she still performs like she was brand new!

Me and my trusty Globe Swift

Swift Diamond
Me flying Lead with the West Coast Swift Birds. I'm the plane furthest to the left.

I was the Air Boss for the Watsonville Fly-In and Air Show for the 2012 and 2013 seasons. In 2012 I was asked to step into the Air Boss role less then 2 weeks before the show. I crafted the waiver, booked the performers, and managed the air show side of the event. Our show was within budget, fun, and above all, safe. In 2013 I again took on the role of air boss where we again created a very successful show that was within budget despite a number of very public internal issues. The 2013 show was historic in that it was the first time in the last 10 years that the show broke even. Unfortunately, after all my hard work preparing for the 50th anniversary of the Watsonville Fly In and Air Show, I will not be part of the team. It seems politics is more important then a successful track record.

I have also been the air boss for the RHVAA Airport Open House and the Wings of History Open house for many years.