I have been asked to speak at a number of venues including ISSA, Blackhat, RSA, and ISACA. In addition to being a speaker and panel member, I've also been a key note speaker. For more information please email me at starwizz@me.com.

When I ran TSC I created a series of video blogs and they can be found here.
Lawrence Pingree (Pingree on Security) and I had a marvelous chat about cloud security and the video of that can be found here.

Here's a list of some of my public appearances:

  • Cornerstones of Trust 2009, 2010, 2013, Executive Committee Member
  • Quoted in 2012 - Network World, Fierce Mobile, BYOD
  • HITRUST 2012, Managing Mobile Devices & Mobile Device Applications in a Health Care Setting
  • SANS 2012, “Your Pad or Mine?” Enabling Personal & Mobile Device Use on the Network
  • BrightTALK Web 2.0 Security Summit 2011, Using the Cloud to Improve Web Security - Fact or Myth?
  • ISACA 2009, Business Continuity
  • NIST 2009 Software Assurance Forum, Software Assurance Through Sneak and Stealth
  • RSA 2008, Research Revealed Track Manager
  • Endpoint Security, 2007, Addison Wesley
  • ISSA 2004, Why Security Fails
  • RSA 2004, Metrics Panel Discussion
  • TCP Unleashed, Sams, Chapters on LDAP and Remote Access Protocols
  • Publish Magazine, "How much security do you need?", October 2000
  • Planet IT, "Wireless LANs and Security", December 2000
  • The Blackhat Briefings, Las Vegas, 2000, “High-speed Intrusion Detection”
  • Select Executive Audience in Denver, "Information Security Across the Enterprise"
  • Kalthoff '99 "Document and Data Vault", "Web Based Enterprise Application Case Study"
  • Kalthoff '97, "Encryption, Firewalls and the World Wide Web", '98 CAD Security
  • EPRI '96, "Understanding how to make the Internet Connection"
  • AUTOFACT '93, PDM '94, Kalthoff '94, EDMS '94, "A Secure EDMS in a Heterogeneous Environment"
  • Certified Information Systems Auditors '97, "Overview of Present Networking Technology"